Why Use Us

We Take the Problem Away

On a basic, human level, we all understand that organisations run more efficiently if the people within them have a clear structure to work within and a comprehensive operating system to follow. However, in today’s fast moving environment organisations change, markets change and people react and adapt on the hoof. This has made the whole area of developing robust, long term operating systems more challenging.

Some businesses have people, or even whole departments, whose task it is to continually update and implement changes to their operating systems. Fine if you are a motor manufacturer, but most businesses aren’t and they don’t have staff dedicated to this vital aspect of keeping an organisation running efficiently. That’s where we come in.

Let’s be honest – unless you are the type of person who actually enjoys teasing out the detail of an operating system and writing technical manuals, understandably it is the last thing you want to be asked to do. In all likelihood, this means you won’t make a great job of it. Well don’t worry – we love doing it. Our role, quite simply, is to take the problem away.

What Makes Us Different

The reason we are different to most other technical manual writing services is that we are far more than that. We come from a commercial background and have spent many years developing business operating systems from the ground up for new businesses. In fact, we didn’t start as technical manual writers – this was just a small part of what we did, but our expertise in this area grew to the extent that we now provide it as a bespoke service.

What this means for you is that our understanding of your business, your culture, your brand and your objectives will be far greater than “Just another technical writer”. This in turn means that our work will be adapted to suit your specific business and your people will be able to relate to it in a way that means they will actually implement your operating system.