Your Operating System

Good Manuals Depend on Good Operating Systems

Business Operating Systems

It is an obvious thing to say, but a business operating manual can only be as good as the operating system it is based on. Our experience and expertise in this area is at your disposal. The extent to which we get involved in your operating system is up to you. You may ask us just to document your operating system in the manual. You may ask us to provide feedback if we come across any aspects that we think you should be aware of. Or you may take the opportunity to fully review your operating systems and call on our experience to help you develop and improve them. Either way, just be aware that the manual writing process can be a useful opportunity to enhance operating systems and we have the know-how to support you in this area.

Franchise Operating Systems

Franchising is based on duplicating a successful business model. The franchise operating system is the manifestation of that model. Most organisations operating successful business models do so on the basis of collective knowledge and experience gained over time. Franchisees on the other hand, need to have that knowledge and experience distilled into a system which they can easily learn and copy. Teasing out the detail of the business model to produce a formal franchise operating system which can be documented in a franchise operations manual is not easy.

Our work in this area over many years includes the full spectrum, from sitting down with businesses in the first stages of the franchising process and getting them to tell us what they do, to working with mature franchise networks and helping them to enhance their operating systems in order to take their franchisees to the next level.

Whether it is formalising your franchise operating system for the first time or using our bespoke software to identify issues in your well established franchise and develop an action plan for improvement, we can bring an outside view and expertise to this area in working with you.

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