Making It Usable

What Do You Want Your Manual to Do?

Understanding Your Objectives

The starting point with any operations manual is for us to understand what you are trying to achieve and how you would like your manual to be used. This in turn will dictate the format and style of the manual and how it will be published or produced in order to meet your objectives.

For instance, here is an example of two very different objectives for a manual: on the one hand a company may wish to provide staff with a practical, hands-on guide to learning some fairly basic operation or function of the business. On the hand, another company may be required by regulation to document a certain element of their business knowing that in practice, the manual will never be in day to day use or form part of their training or ongoing development of staff. These two very different objectives are best served by two very different types of manual. And of course, it may be that a single company has more than one objective that requires their operations manual to be divided and published in different formats for different functions within the business.

Publishing the Manual in the Right Format

Our role is to understand your unique requirements and produce operations manuals for you that meet your needs and that will be adopted and used in the way you wish. We can provide many options for publishing manuals using different formats, graphs, images, video, graphics and of course, all personalised to reflect your own corporate style and voice. Manuals can be published as hard copy, electronically, or indeed, a combination of both.

We are not technical manual writers that churn out manuals based on a standard format – we are experienced business consultants who work with you to discover what your needs are and provide operations manuals that meet those needs.