Keeping Up To Date

Keeping Your Manual Up to Date

Once an operations manual has been completed, there is a natural tendency to breathe a big sigh of relief, consider it a difficult project that has been boxed-off and that can be put out of your mind. However, in reality we all know that no sooner is an operations manual complete, then it starts to go out of date. Systems change, new methods arise, new regulations appear and within a heart beat it seems your operations manual needs updating again.

Don’t Let it Build Up to Being a Massive Project Again

The start of the slippery slope is to ignore the minor changes that any operations manual requires as time goes by, but of course, if left for too long, these minor changes again build up into another major project.

There is a process for keeping on top of the issue and keeping your operations manual updated. We can teach you some of the tricks that make the updating process easy or we can support you with more regular low cost reviews and updates. Either way, feel confident that a major operations manual re-write doesn’t have to become a recurring nightmare!