Franchise Operations Manuals

Franchise Operating Manuals

We All Know the Reasons, Yet…

Whether you are new to franchising or you are an established franchisor, you will know all of the important reasons why you should have a good, up to date franchise operations manual:

  • It defines your business and what you are offering your franchisees
  • It is the ultimate reference point for your franchisees on how to run their business
  • It supports the franchise agreement
  • It can be instrumental in supporting your case in legal disputes

Yet experience shows us that many new and existing franchisors have woefully inadequate franchise operations manuals. Why? Because writing a franchise manual and keeping it updated is a difficult, time consuming job that nobody wants to do. (Except us – we love it!)

There are some things in a business which are just better to outsource and for many, the franchise operations manual is one of those things. When we work with a client for the first time, the common response is along the lines of “It is like a great weight being lifted from our shoulders”.

But What About the Cost?

It’s very easy to justify the investment in outsourcing your franchise operations manual. Yes there is a cost, but what is the cost of trying to produce it internally? Firstly, if you ask someone to write or update a manual that doesn’t want to do it, you will not be getting the good, comprehensive franchise manual that your business needs – which means you haven’t moved any further forward. Then add in the cost of that person’s time, plus the cost to your business of what they are not doing while they are trying to write a manual, and outsourcing starts to look like the obvious choice. Finally, you may want to think about the de-motivational impact it has on the person you allocate the job to, if they don’t really want to do it.

New Franchisors

If you are setting up a new franchise business, we know what you are going through. You are trying to run your own business, whilst setting up a new business as a franchisor, trying to learn about franchising, your time is stretched, things are happening that you didn’t expect and on top of all of that everyone is telling you that you need to have a comprehensive franchise operations manual.

Make life easy for yourself and just get in touch with us – we’ll take the problem away. We have been writing franchise manuals for people in your exact situation for over twenty years. We will lead you through the process in a way that means you don’t even have to think about it, leaving you to get on with the million other things you have to attend to right now.

Existing Franchisors

When did you last have a comprehensive review of your franchise manual? You know all of the important reasons for doing it, so I won’t repeat them all again here. A full review of your franchise operations manual is a big job and franchisor businesses tend to be lean organisations without the capacity to just allocate a major time consuming project to someone without it impacting somewhere else in the business – even if you could find someone that wanted to do it.

We have been helping franchisors bring their operations manuals up to date for many years, making it an easy, efficient and cost effective process for you.

Your Franchise Operating System

Whether you are a new or existing franchisor, writing a franchise operating manual can of course, only be done with reference to your franchise operating system. Whether the manual writing process is just a matter of documenting your franchise operating system or it represents an opportunity to review and update it, is up to you. You can read more here.

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