Business Manuals

Business Operating Manuals

Your Objectives

Our starting point in producing any business operations manual is to find out what your objectives are and exactly why you want or need a manual. That may be a full documentation of your operating systems, a quick interim manual to cover a new area of operations in the short term, one driven by legal compliance issues, a manual produced in preparation for an exit from the business or it could be for any number of other reasons.

The point is, we need to establish exactly what your objectives are first, in order to create something that exactly meets your needs in terms of length, complexity, tone, detail and format.

How We Work Together

Having established why you want a manual, we then have to establish what part you want to play in producing the manual and what resources you want to devote to the project. It is important for us to establish how we are going to work together, both for efficiency and to ensure your expectations are met and that you are happy with our working partnership.

This can vary a great deal from project to project – some clients just need some support and guidance to orchestrate information being collated and produced in a manual format, whilst others may require us to instigate the project from the ground up and generate all of the information and materials required to produce the manual.

Either way, we don’t mind. We just need to establish how we are going to work with you from the start to ensure a successful outcome.

Your Operating System

The process of writing an operations manual does of course require a detailed examination of your operating system – the very thing that is going to be documented. Not surprisingly, this often throws up questions about the operating system and many clients treat it as an opportunity for a review. You can read more about this here.

Existing Manuals

Many organisations have existing operations manuals, are all too aware that they are outdated, but don’t have the resources, time or motivation to update them. We’ll take the problem away – we will review, adapt and re-write in line with your objectives to bring you right back up to date again.

New Manuals

For many, being presented with a “Blank piece of paper” and being asked to write an operations manual from scratch is a daunting prospect. We, on the other hand, love it! Like most things in life, the more you do something, the easier it gets. We have established procedures and processes that make producing a manual from scratch a straight forward exercise based on a logical sequence of stages.

Whether the proposed manual is for a new process, a new division or a whole new business, we will walk you through the process and ensure that you get the operations manuals that you need.

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