Whatever You Need, We Can Do It!

For clarity, we have broken down our services into a series of logical headings below. However, as you know, projects of this nature don’t always fall into convenient categories and in fact, often it is only after an initial review that the exact scope of the project becomes apparent. Suffice to say, if you have any needs in the area of developing, updating, documenting and implementing operating systems, we can help you.

Business Manuals

Business manuals should be more than a series of dry instructions, standards and restrictions. Engage your people with great content that reflects your organisation’s personality and philosophy and watch their performance grow.

Franchise Manuals

The franchise operations manual is the core of any franchise – a good, regularly updated manual aids franchisee recruitment, performance and perceived value. A poor, out of date manual is an awful reflection on your franchise and opens the door to legal disputes.

Your Operating System

We don’t just write manuals. We’ll use our experience to help you improve existing operating systems and develop new ones for improved organisational performance, before documenting them.

Making it Usable

People learn and absorb information in different ways. We’ll work with you to ensure that your operating manuals are published in the formats that work best for you and your team.

Making it Work

Having a great operating system and manuals is one thing – getting people using them is another! We’ll work with you to devise and support a role out programme to ensure your operating system gets implemented.

Keeping Up To Date

Everyone knows the importance of keeping your operating systems and manuals up to date, it’s just that no one likes doing it. Don’t worry, we love it! From long overdue full audits and re-writes, to lighter regular reviews, we’ll take the problem away and keep you up to date.