About Us

More Than Just Technical Manual Writers

Our business was established over twenty years ago. Initially it specialised in developing operating systems and writing operations manuals for franchise organisations. In fact, we are now Europe’s leading firm of franchise consultants.

But what we came to realise over the years, was that franchise companies have far more detailed business operating systems and manuals than most other businesses – after all, they have to provide a blueprint for running a clone of their own business to someone who has never worked within a similar company and has probably never run their own business before. It was this realisation that prompted us to offer the wealth of expertise we have in developing operating systems and writing manuals to non-franchised businesses.

And indeed, it has transpired that our background in the franchise sector has enabled us to bring a number of unique aspects to the services we now offer:

We Understand People

Like most technical writers, we are very good at writing technical manuals. But organisations are about people and getting operating systems implemented and working efficiently is also about engaging with your people and bringing them along with you. Our experience in this area allows us to see the bigger picture – we can work with you not to produce dry manuals, but to understand the culture of your business and how you can engage with your people to ensure they willingly implement your ideas.

We Understand Business

A complaint we sometimes hear is that technical writers have little or no direct commercial experience. We, on the other hand, very much have a commercial background. This allows us to go beyond the role of traditional technical manual writers and add real value to the process of reviewing and developing business operating systems.

Experience Across Many Sectors

Over the years we have gained experience in many, many sectors of business and not-for-profit organisations. We bring this experience to bear in all of our work and once clients realise they have access to this resource, we often get asked questions like “How do other businesses like ours deal with this issue?”. This enables us to add real value to the process of reviewing and developing operating systems.

Manuals That Get Used

The key to producing a successful business operations manual, is or course, producing one that gets used. A sometimes overlooked aspect of this is the format in which the manual is published. In the production and publication of your manual we will work with to understand what will work best for your organisation. It needs to reflect your brand, culture, philosophy, “voice” and be made available in a format that is easily accessible to your people.